What steps should be taken to continue to reduce drug overdose deaths in San Francisco?

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Anna Conda:
 “Safe Injection Sites, more needle exchange hours and funding to… [put] Narcan at local posts around the city where this behavior is most common.”

James Keys: “De-criminalize it, legalize it, and then tax it. Then utilize the revenue to create and fund single-payer healthcare in California.”

Jane Kim:“I would continue to fund programs like the DOPE Project that works to educate the community on what to do if someone is overdosing… I also think it is vital for EMAS workers, the police department, and first responders to practice harm reduction when responding to emergencies involving overdose issues. Their first and only responsibility must be to address the safety and health of the person in crisis and nothing else.”

Jim Meko:“Find a public health researcher who will study it (as they did in Vancouver), hold community meetings to find out what neighbors are afraid will happen, have people (hopefully in terms of researchers and neighbors) establish current levels for the feared consequences, set up an oversight committee consisting of neighbors (both businesspeople and residents) to deal with any problems that come up, and continue monitoring after the safe injection site opens.”

Debra Walker:We need to strike a balance between prevention and harm reduction—and education is critical in this regard. We here in San Francisco have one of the highest rates of drug use per capita in the country, so it behooves us to stay engaged on national trends…Whether it ends up in death or hospitalization, drug overdose is a personal and a community tragedy and a mark of societal failure—a warning that we all must do better.”

Elaine Zamora: “I support safe injection sites, throughout the city, not just in one or two neighborhoods. I would advocate for training in Narcan administration for City employees, especially those working outside, police, property managers and desk clerks, etc and as part of CPR training”

Would you support a Safe Injection Site in San Francisco?

Anna Conda:Yes

James Keysyes (however, at a 10/19/10 candidates Forum, Keys said he did not have enough information to decide if District 6 should have a Safe Injection Site)

Jane Kim:yes

Jim Meko:yes

Debra Walker:“a pilot program, yes”

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